Our History

A Global Leader For Over 50 Years

Over the years, together with other natural rubber exporters and the Thai Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives,
TBH has managed to contribute much to Thailand’s rubber industry, bringing great benefits to Thailand.
Making Thailand the largest producer of high quality natural rubber in the world today.

  • 1954

    Teck Bee Hang Established

    Our Founder Mr. Lee In Tong.

    On February 22nd, 1954, a small group of experienced natural rubber traders led by Mr. Lee In Tong decided to form a company in Songkhla, Southern Thailand, to deal in the processing and packing of natural rubber for export.

    They called it Teck Bee Hang (TBH). Even then they had ambitions of not only becoming Thailand’s biggest and best processor of natural rubber, but also the leading exporter of natural rubber of the highest quality.

    TBH brought with them a whole new management philosophy and breed of entrepreneur. So it was not long before they became the leading natural rubber exporting company in Thailand, well-known and favoured by major rubber consumers the world over.

  • 1966

    Thailand’s Leading Exporter

    In 1966, Teck Bee Hang became Thailand’s leading natural rubber exporter.

  • 1973

    Pioneered TTR (Thai Tested Rubber)

    The original TTR pamphlet created by TBH.

    In the technical field, 1973 saw TBH successfully pioneering the commercial production of Thai Tested Rubber (TTR) on a large scale.

    TTR was marketed by TBH with uniform quality and specifications under the registered trade-name TECRUM, becoming a best seller. (In 1996, TTR was renamed Standard Thai Rubber or STR to conform to international practice.)

    TBH’s registered trade-name: TECRUM.

  • 1974

    Strengthened Relationship between Malaysia and China

    Mr. Lee In Tong signs the first rubber deal between Malaysia and China.

    In 1974, Mr. Lee In Tong signed the first ever rubber deal between Malaysia and China, this was a symbolic deal as it opened the doors up for rubber into China.

  • 1990

    In Tong Rubber Tree Clone

    Mr. Lee In Tong is tapping the first ever In Tong rubber tree.

    In 1990, Mr. Lee In Tong was honored by Hainan, China, where they named a rubber tree clone after him, In Tong Rubber.

  • 1995

    Honored by the Thai Ministry of Agriculture

    Award from the Thai Ministry of Agriculture & Cooperatives for pioneering the large scale production of Thai TSR

    In 1995, TBH was honoured with an award from the Thai Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives recognising them for being the pioneering producer of Thai Technically Specified Rubber.

  • 1998

    100th Thai Natural Rubber Anniversary

    In 1983 during the 100th Thai Natural Rubber Anniversary, Mr. Lee In Tong was honored by the Prime Minister of Thailand, Mr. Prem Tinsulanoda, as the Natural Rubber Man of the Year for his contributions towards the development in rubber processing and trading in the Thai rubber industry.

  • 2003

    Premium Grade STR

    Production premium grade of STR to meet the specification of the consumers.

    STR 20 produce from our Yala Factory (H2)

  • 2010

    GMG Global

    GMG Global becomes a majority shareholder of TBH.

  • 2016

    Halcyon Agri Corporation

    Halcyon Agri Corp. Ltd. takes over GMG Global, becoming the majority shareholder of TBH.

Lee In Tong (second from left) with early business associates, late 1940’s.

Branch managers during the 1950’s.

Branch managers and head office staff in the early 1960’s.

Branch managers and head office staff in the early 1970’s.

Branch managers and head office staff in the early 1980’s.

Branch managers and head office staff in the early 1990’s.

Branch managers and head office staff in 2018.