• Our Legacy

  • 1954


    Teck Bee Hang Established

    Founded by Mr. Lee In Tong on February 22nd, 1954.

  • 1966


    Thailand’s Leading Exporter

    Teck Bee Hang became Thailand’s leading natural rubber exporter.

  • 1973


    Pioneered Thai Technically Specified Rubber (TTR)

    TTR was marketed by TBH under the registered trade-name TECRUM, becoming a best seller.

  • 1974


    Strengthened Relationship between Malaysia and China

    Mr. Lee In Tong signed the first ever rubber deal between Malaysia and China, this was a symbolic deal as it opened the doors up for rubber into China.

  • 1983


    Honored by the Prime Minister of Thailand

    Mr. Lee In Tong was honoured by the Prime Minister of Thailand, Mr. Prem Tinsulanoda, for TBH’s contributions towards the development in rubber processing and trading.

  • 1990


    In Tong Rubber Tree Clone

    Mr. Lee In Tong was honoured by Hainan, China, where they named a rubber tree clone after him.

  • 1995


    Honored by the Thai Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

    TBH was honoured with an award, recognising TBH for being the pioneering producer.

  • 1996


    TTR renamed Standard Thai Rubber (STR)

    TTR was renamed STR to conform to international practices.

  • 2003


    Premium Grade STR

    Production of premium grade of STR to meet the specifications of the consumers.

  • 2010


    GMG Global Ltd.

    GMG Global becomes majority shareholder of TBH.

  • 2016


    Halcyon Agri Corporation Ltd.

    Halcyon acquires GMG Global.

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